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Reed Construction Data is a leader in innovative, high quality Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions from need specific quality objects to tools for organizing, managing BIM content libraries to software and data solutions that help with cost estimation. If it involves you and BIM, Reed Construction Data is the authority.

SmartBIM Objects

Download Objects

Download high quality parametric BIM objects

Generic objects and manufacturer objects. Design smarter, faster and more flexibly with SmartBIM objects.

SmartBIM Spaces

Download Spaces

BIM Objects in context. Accelerate Design.

Know your building or space type? Find collections of high quality objects. Design rapid prototypes and find specific objects for your project.

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SmartBIM Library

Simplifies storage, organization and location of all Revit objects


Early cost estimation for Revit projects, powered by RS Means

SmartBIM Objects

High quality, data rich, parametric Revit objects